At Riverbank Academy, we offer a broad, creative, bespoke curriculum.  We are passionate about learning and our aspirational curriculum underpins students’ progress.

We aim for students to enjoy learning in a creative and innovative way.


Please contact us with any questions and we will be happy to respond!

Curriculum Overview:

Our Riverbank Curriculum Intent

Our Riverbank Lesson Overview

Core Subject Learning, Sequence and Progression:




Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

Computing…document coming soon!

Spiritual Moral Social Cultural (SMSC) and World Values

Careers and Employment…document coming soon!

Creative Arts…document coming soon!

What we are learning each half term:

Spring 1 2019 – Our One Stop Curriculum Shop!

Spring 2 2020 – One Stop Curriculum Shop!

Summer 1 2020 – One Stop Curriculum Shop!

Summer 2 2020 One Stop Curriculum Shop!

KS4 Curriculum Information:

Riverbank Academy Options Guide 2018-2021

KS5 Curriculum Information:

Our 16+ Curriculum

Careers Curriculum and Guidance