What do we mean by Outdoor Learning?

Outdoor Learning is a broad term that includes: outdoor play [learning through play], school grounds projects, environmental education, recreational and adventure activities, personal and social development … and more. Outdoor Learning does not have a clearly defined boundary but it does have a common core…

It provides a dramatic contrast to the indoor classroom. Direct experience outdoors is more motivating and has more impact and credibility. The results from outdoor learning can be instantaneous as well as active and therefore impact on behaviour as well as tapping into the learning styles of the more kinaesthetic learner.

We believe that every child should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development. These, often the most memorable learning experiences, help us to make sense of the world around us by making links between feelings and learning.

The local environment

The locality around school harbours a wealth of opportunities within relatively accessible distance.

Learners can develop their skills to explore their local environment.


Places further afield

We actively encourage teachers to plan opportunities for children to engage in learning beyond the

school grounds. Each year group has a planned programme of educational visits which complement

and extend learning.

These are planned into all aspects of the curriculum and, by taking learners beyond their familiar

environment, stimulate their curiosity and imagination and motivate children in a powerful way.


Parental Consent


The school obtains blanket consent, for all local, non-residential visits, at the start of each year. For any visits not covered by the extended learning territory, information will be sent home giving parents information on the visit and including a request for information on any changes in their child’s medical details.


For residential visits, visits extending beyond the school day, or visits out of the City specific consent forms will be completed.



The boundaries of the territory are within 20 miles, from the school. This area includes the following frequently used venues, used by some staff:


  • Coombe Abbey
  • Ryton Pools
  • City Centre
  • Memorial Park
  • Hereward College
  • Herbert Art Gallery
  • Transport Museum
  • Allesley Park
  • Brandon Marsh
  • Local supermarkets
  • Walks in the local area